School PromsA school prom is one of the most exciting nights in anyone’s life. A graduation or school prom is a time to celebrate the end of school and to spend an elegant night out together before everyone moves on to their next stage of schooling.

One of the best ways to enjoy prom and have a one of a kind experience is to use a limousine hire service to get to your destination. Arriving to your school prom in a limousine is one way that you can feel just like a movie star celebrity for one evening. Imagine all of your friends exiting from a high class luxury limousine on your prom night and wakling a red carpet venue. This type of dream can easily become a reality with Starlite Limousines one of a kind competitive services. We offer fair and reasonable prices on each of our prom services and can deliver just the type of experience you want, including any photo locations you would like to go to, the ability to choose your own music and bring your own cds or take pictures with our uniformed chauffeurs before heading off to the prom.

We understand that a lot of work and effort goes into preparing for prom and with our prom limousines we can provide extra room for long dresses, formal wear and more. We can provide real piece of mind for parents as well. Many of our Limousine drivers are parents themselves and we can get your children to their event and cruise around to photo opportunities completely safely. With multiple pickup and drop off options we can make sure that each child makes it to and from the prom safely. We also provide a one way service which can provide a more affordable level of service for individuals who would simply like to be dropped off at the prom in a limousine.

We have several different sized limousines to accommodate your group as well so feel free to contact us ahead of time. With smaller limousines we can provide you with pickup and drop off service while cutting down costs. Larger cars make it easier for you to transport a large party of roughly 8 people at a time. This option is a great idea for prom events because the cost can be shared across all 8 people.

For more information on our prom packages and to learn about some of the custom options we have available, do not hesitate to contact us online or on the phone. It is important to note that our limousines do book up quickly around prom season in the south shields area so it is important to call ahead and book early to ensure a spot.